Teaching at Wartburg College

When I got to Wartburg College in here Waverly last month, I was worried how I’m going to teach the class because this is exactly first teaching in my teaching career. Thankfully, the classess are going well through so far, and I’m actually learning a lot. One of my students, Kelsey L. Wilson, emailed me and said kind words as follows:

I just want to thank you for the great job your are doing with my Religion class. I really enjoy it and am learning a lot! It is putting the whole Bible into perspective for me. I appreciate all the work you are doing!

Kelsey’s kind words have encouraged me to take my teaching more seriously. As she said, I have challenged the studetns reading and studying the Bible seriously, even though the students don’t care. So I have noticed that some students are good and some are not. But I recall my New Testament professor, David Rhoads, once challendged me in the pedagogical class to challenge the students those who don’t care and those who don’t want to be in the class is another challenge.