The Center for the Study of Korean Christianity

fianl-logo.jpgThere are twelve theological schools located in Chicago area (The Association of Chicago Theological Schools, know as ACTS). In the ACTS, Korean students are majority among other international students. Some Korean studetns in the ACTS with Dr. Bo-Myung Seo, who teaches at Chicago Theological Seminary, launched a center so-called The Center for the Study of Korean Christianity (CSKC) in last June 2007. One year anniversary is just around the corner.

The CSKC is a research and outreach institute founded to promote the study of Korean christianity and its theology in North America. The center is particuarly interested in the progressive tradition that has struggled with the Korean-ness of christianity in Korea. The activities of the center are translations of Korean theological texts into English, academic seminars, and community lectures for the Korean-american churches in Chicago area. The website is currently running by me.