Dr. Ralph W. Klein’s Retirement Patry

klein.jpgI heard that there was a party in February 14 at LSTC while I’m here at Wartburg, but the party neither delighted me nor LSTC; our great teacher Dr. Klein has retired from his lifetime teaching. Yes, the party was for Dr. Klein’s retirement. I am very sad with his retirement. May May Latt, one of my colleagues, asked me for writing a tribute to his retirement. She gathered all tributes together from Dr Klein’s students and read them at that night. I would like to share the tributes:

Scott Chalmers (graduated in 2005); now teaching at Judson College and also teaching on-line course from LSTC. He says, first he was assigned to Prof. Klein as an advisor, he wasn’t sure what to expect. He had always heard such amazing things about him as a scholar, but it wasn’t until he sat and worked with him that he really experienced what a gracious, challenging and inspiration person he really is. Scott says, he will always be indebted to Prof. Klein for what he taught him.

Gilbert Ojwang (graduated in 2007) and now he is an assistant professor at Oakwood University, Huntsville, AL, says there are 4 things that he is deeply indebted to Prof. Klein.

1)      Prof. Klein is a kindhearted and very gracious person

2)      Even in his busy schedule, Prof. Klein is an excellent advisor who always gives feedback within days of handing in work.

3)      Prof. Klein is flexible to allow him to research in areas that were sometimes not necessary of his primary interest.

4)      Gilbert was a teaching assistant in Hebrew class for Porf. Klein for 4 years. And he learned from him so much. He has adopted much of his teaching methods, especially Prof. Klein’s “recognition point” approach.

Zaihita (graduated in 2004 with ThM from Madagascar), but now he is in South Africa finishing up his PhD program, also writes that Prof. Klein is a passionate person. He always values students insights and experiences, and he also expects students to work hard and expects students to contribute our scholarly discussion. He wish Prof. Klein all the best and probably he will see Prof. Klein in the future in this globe which is not too large.

Ahida Palaski (is going to graduate this year May-2008) is now teaching in NH, says, Prof. Klein is a great professor, advisor and mentor. She wishes you all of God’s blessings in your future plans.

Jin Yang Kim (is still a student here) but now is teaching at Wartburg College for 1 Semester. He is recommended for this position by Prof. Klein. He says, he gives many thanks to Prof. Klein, who has enriched his understanding of the Hebrew Bible and the ancient Near East, and recommended him for teaching at Wartburg. He would never enjoy his academic journey so much without Prof. Klein. He believes that, although Prof. Klein retires from the offline teaching here, he will never retire from the online teaching at www.ot-studies.com.

May May Latt: Prof. Klien is an amazing Prof. in my life. He is very kind and very challenging. With Gilbert’s 4 things to thank Prof. Klein, I like to add 3 more things that I will never forget in my life.

1)  I was teaching assistant to Prof. Klein for only last semester. I consider that it is such a grateful opportunity being teaching assistant to him. I learned so much in this year. I remember that in the beginning of my LSTC academic journey, I was sitting in Hebrew reading group which was lead by Prof. Klein. The first thing I learned from him is “Niphal Triangle”; Gilbert uses Prof. Klein’s “recognition point approach;” enlightened my life of Hebrew learning system.

2)  Like Jin Yang, I am also recommended for teaching at Northern Seminary by Prof. Klein. I’ve been using what I have learned from Prof. Klein. Especially, reading the text deeply and reflecting the text in our life, our experiences and our cultures.